About Edward Mack

IMG_7859 (2)Welcome to the many worlds of Edward Mack, semi-professional vagabond, semi-semi professional writer. I’ve sold carpets at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, some flying, some not. Placed 3rd in a dancing competition in the Cook Islands (I look fantastic in a grass skirt). And scoured the coast of Mexico for the world’s best fish tacos.

I also write things.

Things about music and vagabonding. Short stories and long stories. Tales from made-up worlds and histories from our own. In English and Spanish.  Sometimes people like the things I write (sometimes in Portuguese). More often they don’t. I hope you do.

I love to talk fantasy worlds and faraway places. And I’m always on the lookout for my next good read and blank places on the map. Drop me a line if you have any vagabonding or writing tips; I’d love to hear from you! Otherwise, see you in space, cowboy.

(Full confession, I stole that logoff line from Cowboy Bebop. Art is either plagiarism or revolution, after all.)

(All right, another confession. That last last line I stole from Paul Gauguin.)