Ghosts of Istanbul

Istanbul is flooded with ghosts

Pashas returned to ensure the succession of their lineage.

Mothers unable to let go of their daughters.

Long-dead soldiers reliving battles amidst the ruins of ancient castles.

Such ghosts have been whispering secret agendas into Istanbul’s ears for a century.

Believing these hauntings to be at the root of a rising ultra-nationalism, junior lawyer Aysu sets out to banish ghosts from the city. At the same time, James, Ph.D. candidate in Ghost Studies, arrives in Istanbul, hoping to find a ghost of his own. However, both get caught in an ever-deepening societal division triggered after the young merchant Sultan defends a Kazleri man from a race-fueled attack.

Aysu, James, and Sultan carom down interweaving paths until they are forced to reform their identities—or collapse under their weight—in Ghosts of Istanbul.

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“Dangerous?” James asked. “No, no, ghosts are not dangerous. They are a miracle.”

Typical yabancı answer.

Yabancı (n): foreigner, outsider, non-kin, stranger, gringo